Hydrating chicken bone broth recipe

Hydrate your dog before their next run with with this fantastic recipe from Hug Pet Food. Giving your dog chicken bone broth before and after exercise will hydrate them better than simply giving them water. Plus they're likely to drink more as it's really tasty - it definitely gets a big paws up from us!

Give it a go and please share the reaction of your furry companion with the trailrunners community.

INGREDIENTS 1-2 x chicken carcass (depending on size) 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1/2 tsp black pepper 1 tsp turmeric 4 litres of water (enough to cover the carcasses

DIRECTIONS Pop the carcasses in the slow cooker and cover with the water. Add in the apple cider vinegar, pepper and turmeric and stir.

Leave to cook for 24 hours on a low setting - remember to check every so often to ensure there is enough water still. After 24 hours, lift out the carcasses and strain the mixture. Pour into a container, ice cube tray or use straight away. Store in the fridge and use within 5 days or freeze for a future date.

TOP TIP: dilute the broth before giving it your dog. Ratio 1:1 broth to water.

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