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Got a question about CaniSports? Check out our FAQs below for commonly asked questions or have a chat with the trailrunners community on Facebook>


How old does my dog need to be?

Your dog will need to be 12 months old to compete at CaniCross and 18 months for CaniBike and CaniScooter.It’s suited for people and dogs of all ages and abilities - though we do advise that your canine buddy is fully grown (so at least 12 months of age) as growth plates in the legs especially are still forming and too much stress can lead to complications later in life. If in any doubt, please seek guidance from your vet.

Please look at our canine conditioning page for ideas to help build your dogs fitness ready to take part in these sports.

What is the best harness for my dog?

There is no such thing as a perfect harness, although there will be a perfect fit for your breed and build of dog. It is best to try lots of different styles to find out which one fits best.

We have a list of suppliers on our website and most CaniCross clubs will have a kit bag where you can borrow kit and try different styles to find which suits your dog best.

We do NOT recommend any harnesses which restrict movement and are designed to stop your dog from pulling.

Can I run my dog on a collar and lead or a halti?

No! We want your dog to pull you forward, they can not do this if they are not wearing a correctly fitted or appropriate harness.

Will my dog pull me over?

No, using the appropriate canicross equipment will give you the confidence and stability to be able to use your dog’s strength to help you run faster.


Come along to our Beginners Guide to CaniSports workshop or join a local club who will be able to help and advise you on how to position your body when running with a dog.

My dog is not always sociable, can I still take part?

CaniCross can be a great sport for nervous dogs and for rescue dogs with a poor recall. It can really build a dog’s confidence and it can create a much stronger relationship between you both.

If you are joining a local club run, let them know about your concerns before you arrive, so they can ensure you have a positive experience.

How can I find my local club?

Please go to our 'community' page which has a map showing where the local clubs are. If you are a club and not listed, please get in touch so we can add you!

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