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trailrunners is the largest & longest established UK CaniSports group

CaniCross trailrunners core value statement


CaniCross trailrunners has a responsibility to act as a force for good, working with like minded partners for the betterment of dog’s health in sport. 

We constantly challenge ourselves and our affiliates to define what we bring to the world of CaniSports in these terms.


Who will we work with?

We will work together with affiliates that share our evidence-led welfare ethos.

We will work together for the good of the sport, the health and wellbeing of canine and human athletes and the reduction of impact on the environment. 

Social media strategy

We won’t sell to the CaniCross trailrunners community but we will promote content related to brands that we know share our values and ethos, which is the underlying metric for defining who our affiliates can be.


We want our community to be the voice of the sport. Diverse and supportive, championing and promoting our values both within the CaniSports community and the world at large in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

Promoted content in the community

Content which may or may not contain affiliate advertorial or ‘paid promotion’, will be promoted only if the following applies:


  • Promoted content should always address a specific issue and be evidence-led, rather than merely promoting the affiliate.

  • We always ask ourselves - how is this content going to drive dog welfare and positively engage our community?

  • trailrunners website content can be promoted actively on the community group that fits with our ‘corporate’ values above.

Community management

We manage the community in two ways:

  • Passive moderation and curation of values and other non affiliated brand recommendations,

  • Active proponents of affiliated brands via evidence-led content published on the trailrunners website and linked to our facebook community and other social channels.

To discuss becoming an affiliate, please contact us>


CaniCross trailrunners are passionate about inspiring and encouraging all ages and abilities to take up CaniSports. We’re happy to share that vision with media outlets, publications, websites and blogs, and broadcasters on relevant topics.

If you would like to discuss your requirement please contact us>

Supporting CaniSports products and services

We’re happy to support products and services that are relevant to our large community and that we think would be of interest to our members. To be added to our equipment stockists or community map please contact us>

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