CaniSports are high velocity sports and therefore it's important that both the human and dog are well conditioned to minimise risk of injury.

Canicross Conditioning basically means getting into shape to be able to participate in the sport. 


Its important to slowly build up you and your dog's training, so the body has time to adapt to the forces being placed on it. 

Also, maintaining good health will prolong the longevity of both us and our working dogs participating in CaniSports.

trailrunners are passionate

about the health and happiness

of you and your dog!

So we've created FREE training plans for you to use so you and your dog can build up your training safely.


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We run workshops and training days across the world to help educate best practices of CaniSports. 

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And we're dedicate to bringing you the latest research in canine conditioning and behaviour.


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Run happy, run healthy!

When starting any new activity it's important that you and your dog build up your training gradually so your bodies have time to adapt to forces being placed on it.

Canine warm up and cool down

As with humans, it’s really important to warm up your dog before exercising through dynamic warm up and gentle massage which helps to increase blood flow to the muscles, reducing the risk of injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.


It also mentally prepares your dog for the exercise ahead and differentiates this outing from the usual stroll in the park.  

Ground work 

At trailrunners we believe that you and your dog should be treated as athletes.

Athletes spend a lot of time conditioning their bodies so they have good foundations to perform well and to minimise injury risk.

We've created a video with some simple drills which you can do with your dog to conditioning them for CaniSports.  

trailrunners workshops

We run a series of workshops and training days for both beginners and experienced CaniSports athletes to help you and your dog progress in the sport.

> Beginners guide to CaniSports

This 3 hour workshop is aimed at novices, it teaches you the basics of how to teach your dog to pull into harness and how to condition your dog for CaniSports.

> CaniCross Clinic

This one day course looks at the biomechanics of both human and dog to improve speed and minimise injury risk. It gives you the skills to become a more efficient runner and canine conditioning techniques. 

> Canine Conditioning

This half day course gives you the skills to maintain the muscular health of your dog through massage and exercise techniques. 


FREE training plans

Whether you are new to CaniSports or experienced, our free training plans will get you and your dog running better and having fun on the trails.


If you or your dog have had a break from or are just starting CaniCross, please start with our 'Couch to CaniCross' first. 

CaniBike and CaniScoot

If you or your dog have had a break from or are just starting CanBike or CaniScoot, please start with our 'Zero to CaniBike' first. 


Need a personalised

training plan?

Smash your goals with a fully personalised canicross training plan from trailrunners' expert run coach Verity.

> Weekly coach check-in

> Personalised plan with pacing targets

> Individualised strength and conditioning plan

> £26 per month with no minimum plan length

Online Biomechanical Analysis

A biomechanical analysis identifies areas where you could be a more efficient runner and reduce injury risk. The analysis looks at your biomechanics running with and without your dog to identify weaknesses, which when addressed will help you to perform better.

> Video analysis - running with and without your dog

> Advise on how to improve your running technique

> 6 week individualised strength and conditioning plan

> £60 


1:1 Canine conditioning,

massage and treatment

Dogs participating in sport can get the same muscle tightness and injuries that humans do therefore it's paramount that you invest in your dogs health to keep them injury free, enjoying the sport and prolonging their working life.


A registered Galen Myotherapy practitioner is able to use palpation skills to expertly feel and treat areas of tension and help you to manage your dog's muscular skeletal health.